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Safety Playbook for Individual Development
and Engagement of Responsible Students

If you suspect or know that a student has been the victim of sexual assault, violence, or abuse, you are required to immediately report this information, in compliance with state law.  Immediately speak with building administration if you have any questions about this process.

Middle School Lessons






Spider Learning, Inc. firmly believes that we should be doing everything that we can to help you stay educated about sexual assault and abuse, including how to safely seek help and grow into confident young adults. Our comprehensive online program expands beyond the topic of assault and abuse and addresses the following eight themes throughout the program:

















These digital lessons strive to help you navigate through the crucial skills necessary to instill within yourself a sense of pride, confidence, and safety. They will feature hypothetical situations and various scenarios designed to educate you about your  feelings regarding self image, peer pressure, decision-making, and relationships.



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Emotional Health



The Media


Relationships, Behaviors, and Social Interaction

Safety and


Sexual Assault and Abuse

Safety Playbook for Individual Development and
Engagement of Responsible Students

There are additional resources available, but it is always important to reach out to a parent, teacher, counselor, family member, or other trusted adult that can help.


For a full list of available resources, visit the link below.

S.P.I.D.E.R.S. Resources

Middle School Lesson Titles

These lessons are designed to inform students about safety, abuse and making good decisions without placing them in uncomfortable situations.


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Sixth Grade

Lesson 1:  Following the Rules

Lesson 2:  Communication

Lesson 3:  Peer Pressure vs. Coercion

Lesson 4:  Healthy Boundaries and Refusal Skills

Lesson 5:  Healthy Relationships

Seventh Grade

Lesson 6:  Communication

Lesson 7:  Decision-Making

Lesson 8:  The True "You"

Lesson 9:  Media

Lesson 10:  Healthy Relationships

Lesson 11:  How to Help a Friend Who is in an Unhealthy Relationship


Eighth Grade

Lesson 12:  Communication

Lesson 13:  Relationships

Lesson 14:  Good Character

Lesson 15:  Media

Lesson 16:  Advocating for Others

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Sample Middle School Lesson

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